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Our website solution was launched in early 2007 at the danish site, when the ambition in the first place was to develop a simple website solution to advertisers on a pair of sister sites. The features were targeted these advertisers and therefore a lot to be desired for individuals, small businesses and associations that also showed interest in the system.

The ambition grew therefore quickly to want to embrace broader and over the next several years, the system was developed very much. The ideas for improvement usually comes directly from our customers - and we are very happy - send suggestions to us in a steady stream.

Our goal with and is to offer a website solution that is so easy and simple that anyone can figure it out, while the design possibilities are great, and the price is low. In order to meet both our own goals and customer need, we have in November 2015 launched a brand new website system, which provides a lot of new opportunities for both content and design.


Carsten Boutrup Andersen has developed the whole website system, and ensure continued development. Carsten has a background in the financial sector, and has since a degree in law from Aarhus University, alongside business and entrepreneurial experience from his own IT company. Owner together with Mette Jurition ApS.


Mette Boutrup Andersen is in daily operation and, and has authored texts on a other website. Mette working in parallel on a larger site built in an, and therefore have "the user's eyes" when there are developed new features to

Mette has a degree in commercial law from Aarhus School of Business.

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