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The need for an ecommerce is more relevant than ever, as more and more of our purchases takes place over the internet. However, it can be a big challenge for many to create their own ecommerce, but we have made it cheap, simple & easy to get started. Free ecommerce for the first 30 days.

You can create products with our ecommerce solution with a few clicks, and view them in a smart and professional way in your ecommerce. It is not only easy for you but also for your customers, which can add your products to the basket, and guided through an easy & manageable payment process.

Sign up for a free website just above, and you can start right away to create your own ecommerce.


Try free ecommerce

It can be really good to read much about to create your own ecommerce, but you will undoubtedly get the best impression of a ecommerce solution when you test it.

Our ecommerce is easy and simple to create, and we would really like to show it to you. You can free and without obligation try an ecommerce for 30 days.


Prices for an ecommerce

We have one of the lowest prices at only 13 € per month! Although the price is low, the quality of our services are in top.

Whether you insert an image or a product, makes no difference to us, so by thinking a little differently, we can offer you an easy, simple and cheap website with an ecommerce solution.


Ecommerce references

There are many opinions how an ecommerce should be designed, and you may not yet know how your own ecommerce are going to be designed.

Sometimes it can be good just to see what others have made of ecommerces, so go to our reference page and get inspiration for the design of your own ecommerce solution.


"Recommended by friends, we found and after trying similar website builders over the years, the favorite is clearly found - simple setup, easy start and easy editing. Best of all is the support - no waiting, always smiling and extremely helpful" Catja
"FINALLY, I have found the ABSOLUTE best, easiest and most attractive website builder - thanks for a simple website solution, JUST great !!!!!" Peter





So what is it that makes our ecommerce easier than other ecommerce solutions? You create the products in your ecommerce like all other content on your website simply by creating content boxes over each other, a bit like building with Lego bricks. It takes only a few clicks to insert a new product on a page, and when you have completed the product information, it is immediately online.


You can present your products in an attractive and presentable manner. Each product in the ecommerce containing all the necessary information and images. Stock and variants of a product is of course also possible, so it is easy to control a product in our ecommerce solution.


PayPal and Stripe is an obvious and cheap payment solution, if you quickly want to start creating a cheap ecommerce solution, and sell your products online. You just need an agreement with PayPal and Stripe. You can do that online on their websites.

When you use PayPal or Stripe on your ecommerce shop, you give your customers the option to pay with all major international credit cards.

You pay no annual fee or other fixed amounts for PayPal and Stripe, but instead a certain percentage of the amount. It is therefore easy to create a cheap ecommerce with PayPal or Stripe. Try a free ecommerce solution with PayPal and Stripe for 30 days.


Video guides

Experience support in a completely different way. Use our popular video guides to give you inspiration for your ecommerce, and if you later need help.


Getting started

It is easy to create your own ecommerce solution, but to be sure you get started very good with your new ecommerce, we have made a lot of Questions and Answers.


Responsive hjemmeside

If you have questions about creating your own ecommerce, you can contact us by email or through the support. We always respond within 24 hours on weekdays.






You get a full 30 days period to test our ecommerce solution, so you can see if it is something for you - totally for free

It is completely free of engagement to create a cheap ecommerce - you do not commit yourself to anything. Do not want to continue, you just choose not to pay

You only receive the necessary service emails from us, and so no annoying advertising emails

See our video guides about our website builder with ecommerce - they provide a good introduction to the ecommerce system, so you can see how easy it is

You will find answers to a lot of questions in our Questions and Snswers - may also be the answer to your question?

Your ecommerce is very reliable, because our servers are monitored by one of the best web hosting companies in Denmark

You get a cheap ecommerce solution, see more under prices

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