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There are plenty of features in the website builder that you can use to create your own professional webdesign for your website. With the many features you can create your own unique website - just the way you want it.

The features are user friendly and easy to use. Most of the features can be inserted with just a few clicks, and so the feature is ready to use on your website.

You can see a list of the many features on here. Click on a feature to read more about it.

We have made it easy and simple to get started selling products on the internet. The price for a website with ecommerce is only 13 € per month. You get the best impression of the ecommerce solution by testing it, why you can create a free ecommerce for 30 days.

It is incredibly easy to create a new product in your ecommerce. Simply create a new content box on the same principle as all other content, then you can set the price, upload images and more. Your users can then add the product to the shopping cart, and how they can pay for the products is entirely up to you. You can choose among many payment options, for example bank transfer, PayPal or Stripe.

You can easily insert a guestbook on your website where your visitors can write a greeting to you, which subsequently will be on the website.

Your visitors can write their name and a greeting in the guestbook, but they can also type a website address, which is then linked to their name.

Once you are logged in, you can answer the greeting in the guestbook.

You can insert a slideshow on your website and it is entirely up to you how many images you want in the slideshow. However, it is our recommendation to limit the number of images otherwise your website could become very slow for your users.

Slideshows are a way to show many images to your visitors, who just have to sit back and enjoy the images, which change automatically. Your visitors can choose whether to see the slideshow at the size it is on the website, or whether they will see the slideshow in full screen.

You can insert an image gallery on your website and it is entirely up to you how many images you want in the image gallery. However, it is our recommendation to limit the number of images otherwise your website could become very slow for your users.

Image gallery are a way to show many images to your visitors, who just have to sit back and enjoy the images. Your visitors can choose whether to see the image gallery at the size it is on the website, or whether they will see the image gallery in full screen.

Your website is hosted at one of the best and most reliable web hosting companies in Denmark, Dandomain, and your website is ensured a very high uptime. Any crash is always solved very quickly, and we obviously take daily backup of all websites.

You have access to a simple newsletter feature where you can easily send emails to all subscribers of your newsletter. Your users can sign up or unsubscribe direct at your website. There are 100 newsletter subscribers in the price, and more can be purchased.

It is easy to enter meta-tags on the pages of your website.

Although meta tags has little influence on your rankings in the search engines, they often impact on how your website is presented in the search results, which in turn affects how many people choose to click through to your website.

Images are an important element of a great looking website, and it is easy to add images to your website. Once you have inserted a content box, select "Image" as content. Then you can either upload an image from your computer, or choose from among the pictures you have uploaded.

It is easy to upload multiple images at a time, so it goes faster. We recommend max. 10 - 20 images at a time.

In addition to insert a single image on your website at a time, you can also display images in an image gallery and slideshow.

You can upload up to 500 images in total on your website - and more can be easily purchased. Your images are resized when uploaded to maintain a good speed on your website. Under "Images" you can organize your photos into folders, and thus keep better track of your images.

It is easy to show Youtube videos on your website with the youtube content box where you simply paste the video's embed code.

Videos from other services, can also easily be displayed on your website. Insert their code as HTML code.

It is easy to add text to your website as it happens in an editor that reminds a lot of Word and other word processing programs. You can choose formatting, font, font size, text color, background color, bulleted lists, tables and make it bold, italic and underline. You can also insert icons, smileys and symbols in the editor on your website. So there are many opportunities to insert text on your website beautifully.

You can also use the editor to insert links on your website, both links to other websites, your uploaded documents, and internal links. It is also in the editor, you can insert html codes for example Google Calendar, etc.

You can easily insert a Facebook like button on your website.

It is really smart to add a facebook like button on your website, especially if you use your facebook page active in your marketing. That way you can create a very fine consistency so your customers can easily follow your activities on the web.

You can have your own domain. See more about that in our Questions and Answers

Google Analytics is a free statistics program that you can easily integrate with your website. By using Google Analytics, you can get lots of information about your visitors on your website.

First of all works Google Analytics as a hit counter that shows you how many visitors you have on your website each day. In addition, Google Analytics can show you how your visitors found your website, whether they have visited your site before, how long they stay on your website, and much, much more.

Google Analytics is a great tool and indispensable if you are working with search engine optimization. It is easy to insert Google Analytics to track your visitors. All you have to do is create a Google Account, find your tracking code, and submit the tracking code to us - then we insert it on all your pages on your website.

Our latest website solution is responsive, meaning that the website can be viewed properly on all devices. Your user will get a uniform and optimal experience of your website, whether they see it from a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

When you create a new page or subpage, you choose if it is active or passive.

Only active pages are displayed on your website and you can quietly work on your passive pages without anyone to see the page. Once the page is ready, you change it to active.

You can also use passive pages if you want to display a page on your website without it appears in the menu, but then you must remember that even link to it from somewhere on your website.

It is really easy to create and edit an website with our website builder, but if you still need help, and you will find a lot of help in the many Questions and Answers or by contacting us through the support..

We will respond as quickly as we can, and always within 24 hours on weekdays.

It is easy to insert and edit a contact form on your website. By completing and sending the contact form, your visitors contact you directly from your website. You will receive an email with the message each time one of your visitors to the website using the contact form.

Contact form contains basically the name, email and a large field to the message. You can easily create multiple fields so that the contact form is exactly as you want it. The field's name write you, and you can choose between text field on one line and text field on several lines.

It is really easy to insert a good map on your website - detailed instruction for this can be found in our Questions and Answers.

Your visitors to your website can also change the zoom level of the map, change to satellite view, or use Street View.

A road map on your website is a good tool to help your customers, guests or suppliers with easy to find the way to you.

You insert content on the pages of your website by inserting content boxes. Content boxes are operating on a "building block principle" so that a content box takes up a "floor". You can insert as many content boxes on each page that you want. A content box consists of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 columns, and selecting content for each column. You can always change the content of a column, or change the number of columns.

You can create all the pages and subpages you want, when you make your website on The subpages can you create in 5 levels, giving you the opportunity to structure the content on your website so that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

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