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Conditions for creating and use of the website at

You warrant that:

1. information during the creation and subsequent changes are correct

2. your content on the website contains in no way pornographic, racist or otherwise objectionable content and does not infringe third party rights

3. you only upload the images used on the website (with a maximum of 500 images - more can be added)

4. you only upload the number of documents that are used on the website and thus does not use the document function for file sharing. Download of documents is limited to 1 GB per current month. If this is exceeded, you must buy additional consumption.

If you do not comply with the above, can without further notice delete your website. Prepaid months will not be refunded. can not be held responsible for technical problems, for example crash or downtime on the server, which means that your website will not be available, or hacker attacks in any way. disclaims hence any liability to you or any third party.

You are responsible for the expiration of your website. If your website expires, you can not make changes to the website, but the website continues to appear to your users for a limited period. Extended websites can be deleted without further notice.

Payment terms


You can extend your website with dankort or bank transfer. If you pay with dankort, it happens naturally via an encrypted connection between your computer and Nets. Payment by dankort also has the advantage that you get extended your website immediately. If you choose bank transfer usually 1 or 2 business days before we receive your payment and extend your subscription.


All prices are quoted incl. VAT.

1st year fee to DK-Hostmaster for the included .dk domain is paid by When the domain is registered in the name of the customer, the customer will the next year receive the invoice for the annual fee, pt. 45 kr. Incl. VAT.


If you are a consumer, you have 14 days to return the purchased product. The right of withdrawal does not apply anymore when you take the bought in use.

If you have questions about use of the site or our payment terms, simply contact us.

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